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My first encounters with Islam

She explained to us in many details how we would burn in hell fire if we were disobedient children. If we misbehaved, how god would punish us. We listened to her…she gave more details about how the punishment would happen. She said that the bodies of bad people would be thrown in fire. The fire is attended by hell’s angels. They ae responsible of watching the burning bodies, once their skins were burned just enough; the hell’s angels would pull them out of the fire and would strip off their burned skins using their iron claws. She described the angels' iron claws…She said that they were like human finger nails but so big that they arched but they were made of iron and sharp...they were meant to hurt and torture the burning bodies while they stripped them of their skins. The blood would be dripping and the sinners would be screaming...Once the skin stripping task finishes the angels would throw back the still alive agonizing sinners into the hell fire and they would start all over again and again and again…forever…for eternity…
She explained that those whose bodies were burning in hell never die and shall continue to suffer and burn indefinitely…
We sat there in silence, we looked at her face, we were horrified and sometimes our little bodies shivered! Her face was beautiful and her voice was lovely. I loved her so much! I love when she was relaxed and when she smiled...
Some other times she spoke of the torture in the grave, the angel of death, the vengeful all powerful almighty god who does not forgive those who die sinners!
She spoke in details about the inquisition in the grave. The angel 3azerael doing all the questioning and how the sinners would give all the wrong answers and how 3azerael would powerfully struck them on the head between the eyes every time they gave a wrong answer. All the sinners gave wrong answers and all the sinners were struck on the head. Prior to the arrival of 3azerael, she said that once a sinner is dead and buried he/she comes back to life after all his family and loved ones leave the cemetery. The sinner finds himself/herself squeezed tight in his grave because the ground does not like sinners and all kind of poisonous insects crawl over his/her body and bite mercilessly it because the poisonous insects also knew that he/she was a sinner!
She explained that there was no way out except through obedience to one’s parents and total submission to god and his will. We must be good, behave well and pray five times per day.
We listened in silence…I was about two years old and so scared to die a scared of god!